Copilot++ in Peek

You can also use Copilot++ in the “Go to Definition” or “Go to Type Definition” peek views. This is useful for for example adding a new argument to a function call.

We especially enjoy using this in vim in conjuntion with gd to, for example, modify a function definition, then fix all of its usages in one go.

Cursor Prediction

Copilot++ can also predict where you will go to after an accepted edit. If available, you will be able to press tab to go to the next location, allowing you to tab-tab-tab through edits.

Copilot++ predicted the next location, and suggested an edit there.

This feature is still in beta. We are working to improve both the model and user experience.

Partial Accepts

You can accept the next word of a Copilot++ suggestion by pressing Ctrl/⌘ and the right arrow (or by setting editor.action.inlineSuggest.acceptNextWord to your preferred keybinding).

Cursor Prediction and Partial Accepts can be enabled/disabled in Cursor Settings > Features > Copilot++.