Copilot++ Improvements

The biggest difference is the way Copilot++ and GitHub Copilot complete code.

GitHub Copilot can insert text at your cursor position. It cannot edit the code around your cursor or remove text.

Copilot++ can insert text at your cursor, and much more:

  • Multi-character edits
  • Instruction-based edits

Further, Copilot++ has a history of your recent changes in the context window, so it knows what you are trying to do next.

Migrate from GitHub Copilot

Since Copilot++ comes by default with GitHub Copilot, you might have GitHub Copilot and Copilot++ installed at the same time. We recommend turning off GitHub Copilot when you want to use Copilot++.

By default, Copilot++ takes precedence over GitHub Copilot. If you want to use GitHub Copilot, you can disable Copilot++ in the settings.