Cursor is a code editor designed for working with AI. You can download Cursor from our homepage.

Though Cursor is a standalone editor, it is a fork of VS Code. This means it has all of the familiar, text editing features from VS Code, in addition to our AI features.

We will continuously update the Visual Studio Code version that Cursor uses so you don’t miss out on the latest VS Code features and improvements.

Import VS Code Configurations

You can effortlessly import all your VS Code extensions, settings, and keybindings with our built-in VS Code Import. This can be found under Cursor Settings > General > Account.

Why not just a VS Code Extension?

As a standalone application, Cursor has more control over the UI of the IDE, enabling greater AI integration. Some of our features, like Copilot++ and CMD-K, are not possible as VS Code extensions.

Cursor Settings

You can open the Cursor-specific settings pane by pressing Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + J, or by clicking on the gear button top-right of Cursor on the title bar.

You can also open the VSC Command Palette by pressing Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + P and typing out Settings or Keyboard Shortcuts to access these and other pages.

Cursor Settings will be open as an editor tab.

Why is the Activity Bar in Cursor horizontal?

The activity bar is horizontal by default to save room for Chat. But if you prefer the normal vertical activity bar you can go to the VS Code settings and set workbench.activityBar.orientation to vertical, and restart Cursor.