For more pricing info, please visit Cursor Pricing.

Subscription Tiers

Cursor offers multiple subscription tiers to fit your needs.

  • Hobby
    • 14 days Pro trial
    • 50 slow premium model uses
    • 200 cursor-small uses
    • 2000 Copilot++ uses
  • Pro
    • 500 fast premium model uses per month
    • Unlimited slow premium model uses
    • Unlimited cursor-small uses
    • Unlimited Copilot++ completions
    • 10 Claude Opus uses per month
  • Business
    • Usage information is the same as the Pro tier
    • Extra benefits, detailed on the pricing page

Premium models

GPT-4, GPT-4o, and Claude 3.5 Sonnet are all counted as premium models.

Pro Trial

All new users receive a 14-day Pro trial, granting access to all Pro features. After the 14-day period, users who have not upgraded will revert to the Hobby plan.

Fast and Slow Requests

By default, Cursor servers try to give all users fast premium model requests. However, during peak periods, users who run out of fast premium credits will be moved to a slow pool, which essentially is a queue of users waiting for a fast premium request to become available.

This queue is fair, and Cursor will do everything possible to keep the queue as short as possible. However, if you need more fast premium credits and don’t want to wait, you can add more requests on the settings page.

Check Your Usage

You can check your usage on the Cursor Settings page. You can reach this page inside the Cursor application as well, under Cursor Settings > General > Account, and press “Manage Subscription” for pro users, or “Manage” for business users.

Cursor usage resets monthly, based on your subscription start date.

Optional Usage-based Pricing

You may opt in to usage-based pricing for requests that go beyond what is included in your plan by visiting your settings page.

Usage-based pricing details:

  • Usage-based pricing is per calendar month (not necessarily same as your billing cycle, will be billed roughly on the 2nd-3rd day of the month)
  • If you immediately cancel a request or if it errors we do not count it
  • You can configure a hard limit, and you will never ever have to pay more than the hard limit per month (for the usage-based pricing)
  • Right now, usage-based pricing only applies to Claude 3 Opus and a few models in long context chat.