AI Review is a feature that allows you to review your recent changes in your codebase to catch any potential bugs.

AI Review

You can click into individual review items to see the full context in the editor, and chat with the AI to get more information.

Custom Review Instructions

In order for AI Review to work in your favor, you can provide custom instructions for the AI to focus on. For example, if you want the AI to focus on performance-related issues, you could put:

focus on the performance of my code

This way, AI Review will focus on the performance of your code when scanning through your changes.

Review Options

Currently, you have a several options to choose from to review:

  • Review Working State
    • This will review your uncommitted changes.
  • Review Diff with Main Branch
    • This will review the diff between your current working state and the main branch.
  • Review Last Commit
    • This will review the last commit you made.