Read more about how we built instant apply in our blog post.

Cursor’s Apply allows you to quickly integrate a codeblock suggestion from the chat into your code.

Apply Code Blocks

To apply a code block suggestion, you can press on the play button in the top right corner of each chat code block.

This will edit your file to incorporate the code produced by Chat. Since you can add the most context and have the most back-and-forth with the model in Chat, we recommend Chat + Apply for more complex AI-driven code changes.

Accept or Reject

Once you have applied a code block, you can go through the diffs and accept or reject the changes. You can also click on the “Accept” or “Reject” buttons in the top right corner of the chat code block.

Ctrl/⌘ Enter to accept, Ctrl/⌘ Backspace to reject.

Apply Text

You can also apply text suggestions from Chat by clicking on the play button in the message toolbar.