I see an update on the changelog but Cursor won’t update.

If the update is very new, it might not have rolled out to you yet. We do staged rollouts, which means we release new updates to a few randomly selected users first before releasing them to everyone. Typically, reaching all users takes around 5 hours from the first user. For larger updates, it can take longer.

If you don’t want to wait, you can redownload Cursor from our homepage. You’ll likely receive the latest update instantly. Don’t worry, all of your settings, extensions, etc., will transfer to the redownloaded version. You don’t have to uninstall the existing version first.

I have issues with my GitHub login in Cursor / How do I log out of GitHub in Cursor?

You can try using the Sign Out of GitHub command from the command palette Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + P.

I can’t use GitHub Codespaces.

Unfortunately, we don’t support GitHub Codespaces yet.

I have errors connecting to Remote SSH.

Currently, we don’t support SSHing into Mac or Windows machines. If you’re not using a Mac or Windows machine, please report your issue to us in the forum. It would be helpful to include some logs for better assistance.

I just subscribed to Pro but I’m still on the free plan in the app.

Try logging out and logging back in from the Cursor Settings Popup.

When will my usage reset again?

If you’re subscribed to Pro you can click on Manage Subscription from the Dashboard and your plan renewal date will be displayed at the top.

If you’re a free user you can check when you got the first email from us in your inbox. Your usage will reset every month from that date.

How do I uninstall Cursor?

You can follow this guide to uninstall Cursor. Replace every occurrence of “VS Code” or “Code” with “Cursor”, and “.vscode” with “.cursor”.