In AI input boxes such as in Cursor Chat and Cmd K, you can reference entire files by using @Files. Also, if you continue to type after @, you will see your file search results after the @Code strategy.

In order to make sure the file you’re referencing is the correct file, Cursor will show a preview of the file’s path. This is especially useful when you have multiple files with the same name in different folders.

Chat Long File References

In Cursor’s Chat, if the contents of a file is too long, Cursor will chunk the file into smaller chunks and rerank them based on relevance to the query.

Cmd K Chunking Strategy

For Cmd K, Cursor uses the file references differently based on the content length as well.

  • auto
    • Automatically pick one of the three reading strategies based on the file size
  • full file
    • The entire file is used as context.
  • outline
    • Cursor parses the outline of the file and uses the information as context.
  • chunks
    • Cursor chunks the file into smaller chunks and picks the most relevant one.

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop files from the primary sidebar into Chat or Cmd K to add them as context as well.